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Brit Task Force [BTF] is a community mainly for PC gamers that was formed in 2009 and initially called The British Guards focussing on the MMORPG Star Trek Online and then later in the shooter APB. We have rebranded over the years and have settled on the name Brit Task Force to focus on other games with British players.

You are more than welcome to join our community if you are not British or a PC gamer, but our primary focus as a clan is PC gaming in GMT.

The community leads are (in order of who to contact):

Oi, listen up!

At Brit Task Force we feel that we do not need to have many rules as most people are here to have fun gaming with others. However, please note:-

  • Play nice and don't create drama.
  • We do not tolerate those who go against terms of service, eg. cheat, exploit, hack.
  • When representing our community, we expect you to behave in a way which does not bring drama towards it.
  • We believe in team players and you must be willing to help the community grow and assist others within it.
  • You must be willing to use our discussion forums and voice communication software (Discord at this time).

And finally

  • We do enjoy banter and "'avin' a laff" and if you're easily offended, we may not be the community for you.
  • We are an adult community so you will see and hear adult language and humour on our communication platforms.

Voice communication - Discord

You can connect to Brit Task Force on Discord on the following address: https://discord.gg/jsfTVmP

We care about data and privacy:


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    26 February 2019
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